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To Make Him Your Home


To remain in Jesus means to make him your home.

I know that where I’m at right now, is not my home. And I don’t mean physically.

I mean spiritually, mentally, in the root of my life, am I home?

Of course the world will never be our home, we were created for the perfection that can only be found in heaven. But right now, in my thoughts and prayers and daily life, im not at home with Jesus. How do I know? Because I know what it feels like to be there. I was home once, a little while ago, but I’m not there any more. And I didn’t run away all at once. I didn’t run because of an event or a person or a situation. But slowly, one step at a time I began to walk in a direction that wasn’t familiar. I thought it was Jesus, it was disguised as Jesus. But the further along I went, the further I felt from Jesus, the further I felt from home.

I haven’t run so far that I can’t turn back. No one has. But it’s the turning that’s difficult. Facing the long road I’ve just taken thousands of steps on, in a direction I thought was forward, only to find that it took me to an unfamiliar and desolate place, is the hardest part. Because then you have to face all the sin and hardship and humanness in your decisions and forgive your self. You have to find where Jesus is again. I’m beginning to understand just a small piece of what the prodigal son felt. How good it must be to go home, run to the Father, and be held. He doesn’t run from us, or see that we’re coming on that long road and wonder where we’ve been, he knows. And the moment he sees us, in the distance, coming home, he picks up his robe, allows the dust to fall from his feet, and runs to us, with open arms. Isn’t that what life is all about? Recognizing our sin, repenting, and running to Jesus. And there he is, arms wide open, waiting for us.

Jesus, I’m coming home.

Flea Market Goodness!

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This past weekend was quite eventful for Mike and I. We had guys night/girls night, I began pilates, and we hit up Ikea to dream about our future home. Every single thing I wanted, Mike’s immediate response was, “Oh babe, I’ll just build that.” The best part is that he is totally serious. :)

One of my favorite things we adventured in was the Treasure Island Flea Market. Treasure Island is a small island between San Francisco and the East Bay, and we were basically in heaven the entire time. The view of the city was absolutely beautiful, it was warm, and the flea market was a blast. 

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There were rows and rows of vendors displaying their refurnished items. There were vintage picture frames, dressers, chairs, record players, violins,jewelry, and more. It was so much to look at! I scored this frame below for $5, I’m going to create a little pinterest project with it!

photo (5)

We had a coupon for free drinks and discounted entry, so it was well worth it. My favorite piece we walked away with is this drift wood that has the SF skyline burnt into it. Pretty cool huh? It’s already hung up in our tiny apartment.

photo (4)

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As we walked around, we drooled at all the furniture we’d love to buy but would have no where to store until we got a bigger apartment. We also ate at a food truck and had some delicious fruity drinks. It was a wonderful way to spend our saturday!

DIY Crafts & Seeing Great Friends

I’ve decided to try something new for my blog, hopefully something that will keep my writing more consistent. I really enjoy writing, it’s a way to process and organize my thoughts, but often times I have no idea what to write about on here. So here’s to something new!

I’ve realized that Mike and I have the opportunity to experience some pretty cool things in SF, but sometimes they happen so fast that I don’t get to reflect on how amazing this life is that God’s given me. I want to try and write a blog post weekly about the adventures we have the previous week. It could be anywhere from our date night, to small group, to a trip. Big or small, I want to reflect on our life and what God’s doing in it. 

Wall Art

Since before we were married, we’ve been collecting door knobs for a project. I saw this pinterst project where door knobs were added to a drawer or piece of wood, hung on the wall, and turned into a necklace holder. Well, Mike has countless of bowties, and I have some necklaces so I though it would a cute art project for us! Our door knobs are an assortment, some were gifts, some were thrifted, and some are from Anthropologie. The wooden board is a cute story too, haha. When Mike proposed in a sunflower field, there was a ditch near the road we had to cross over. So Mike brought this board to act as a bridge. So we walked over it and into the sunflower field, where he popped the question. He kept the board and now it’s apart of our wall art.

We stained the wood, drilled holes for the door knobs, and hung it up. And when I saw “we,” I mean my wonderful, talented, carpenter husband. (wink, wink)

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Over Mother’s Day weekend, one of my favorite families in the entire world came to visit SF, well, 3 of the 5.

The Petermann’s have all had such a deep impact on who I am today. All 3 of their kids have been in one of my small groups in Arizona, and Eric and Renee also served within those small groups. They supported me, rooted for me, and have been the best second mom and dad to me (other than my own parents of course.)

When I lived in Arizona, I visited Eric’s chiropractic office weekly, and it was way more than just a physical adjustment. He challenged my walk with the Lord and continuously reminded me of who I am in Jesus. I remember when I first made the decision to move to SF, he challenged it. Not because he didn’t believe in me, but because he DID believe in me. He wanted to make sure I was listening to the Lord and following where he led. And the same thing happened when I began dating Mike, he challenged me, because he knew the standards both myself and the community in my life had for my future husband.

When Eric, Renee, and Dominique came to visit, it was then that I realized how much I missed their influence and support in my life. When they were here, we laughed until we cried, had a great time catching up, and they also got to know Mike really well, because they didn’t have that chance in AZ. Eric and Renee encouraged me in a way I didn’t even know I needed. They encouraged me and reminded me in the way they always do, that my identity is in Jesus and I’m here in SF because God’s called me, nothing else. Eric also took me aside and said, “You got a really great man of God here but he’s gotten an even better wife.” I don’t say that to boast in myself at all, but it meant so much to me that Eric would get to know Mike and see his love for Jesus and have his “approval,” even 6 months after our wedding.

The past few weeks have been really great, seeing new friends, making pinterest projects, and continuing to press into the life God has for us here.

P.S. Renee makes adorable and fashionable bow ties!! Mike owns a few, they’re perfect! Go buy one!
Here’s her Etsy & facebook pages. Love you Renee!

We Quit Too Easy


“Every creative person, and I think probably every other person, faces resistance when trying to create something good. Resistance, a kind of feeling that comes against you when you point toward a distant horizon, is a sure sign that you are supposed to do the thing in the first place.”

Resistance means you’re doing something good. It means you’re going in the right direction. But so often we see the frustration, or misfortune, or trouble and we allow it to steal the purpose we were created for.

I love the quote above because the metaphor in it can permeate into so many aspects of our lives. We can experience pushback in our jobs, in our college classes, in life callings, in relationships, etc, and the list could literally go on forever. But so often when we experience the negative, or the pushback, or the resistance, we run the opposite direction. We quit and say, “Well, this must be a sign that I’m doing something wrong.” or “I’m just going in the wrong direction.” But what ever happened to doing whatever it took? What ever happened to running even when you got tired and pursuing the call on your life, even when you couldn’t see two steps in front of you?

We quit too easy. We give resistance way more power than it should have. Resistance can be so many things. It can be a thief. It can tangibly steal our joy. Our life. Our purpose. But only if we allow it to. Only you and I give the enemy such power over our lives, because Jesus sure doesn’t. Jesus gives us Freedom. And Life. And Grace. And that should be enough. But honestly, for a lot of us, myself included, it’s sometimes hard to rest in that. But we need to learn to. Because HE IS ENOUGH.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m learning every single day what this means. Every single day I wake up and remind myself, Suzy, YOU are a child of God, who is beautifully and wonderfully made in His perfect image. And nothing can ever separate you from His unconditional love.

That is such good news. But unfortunately, the enemy sneaks in and I allow it to tell me lies that I know just aren’t the truth. And it’s a battle. But you know what, Jesus has already won. Jesus, has already won! And that is a hope and a truth I can find rest in. Because it isn’t my battle any longer. It isn’t my fight. It’s His. And He’s won.

So despite the resistance I may face or feel, even on a daily basis, I know I’m not alone. My God is fighting for me. And through the battle, until I’m on the other side, I’ll rest in His presence.

I’m thankful for friends that stand with me, even when I don’t feel like I deserve it. Mike and I have a community of friends and pastors who have gone out of their way to show us their love and support, and there’s nothing better than that. And there’s no better example of Christ’s love.

Yes, the enemy is strong. But my God is stronger.

“The word that saves is right here, as near as the tongue in your mouth, as close as the heart in your chest. It’s the word of faith that welcomes God to go to work and set things right for us.” Romans 10

Steven Pressfield, The War of Art
Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years